Speed & Precision for Efficient Label Inspection

Real-time and high-speed label inspection system is an essential requirement to guarantee zero-defect products to customers through the highest accuracy, reliability and speed.

SKOP is an innovative label inspection system with 100% print inspection on narrow web to provide real-time 100% flaw detection for today's various types of label materials. Engineered with Japanese expertise, the cameras are able to acquire high resolution with unparalleled stability during high-speed printing.

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Live Scan of the Reference Image

Print Inspection

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SKOP rewinder with label inspection system is used to detect and classify defects to guarantee excellent final product quality before shipping to the customer. When a defect is detected, the system alerts the operator so that necessary actions can be taken to replace the defective label. Each type of defect is logged to ensure that a detailed report is provided for each roll. SKOP ensures the highest level of quality control, versatility in production processes and converting operation.

With SKOP, you can maximise both yield and productivity.

Distinguishing Features

  • Integrated Winder-Rewinder Operation
  • Easily Control Inspection Speeds
  • AI – Automatic Learning of Lanes and Patterns Parameters
  • Verification Against CSV File Sequence(s)
  • In-built Label Counter
  • Special Mode for OCR with Noisy Backgrounds
  • Dynamic Re-learning Function
  • Time-optimized Algorithms
  • Frequent Software Updates with New Features
  • Unlimited Inspection Region
  • Circular OCR/OCV – First in the Industry
  • Detection of the Smallest Printing Errors
  • Features Customization


Defect Types

  • Colour Misregistration
  • Black Speckling
  • Lack or Excess of Colour
  • Smears, Splashes or Spots
  • Dirty Print
  • Oil Stain
  • Scratches
  • Incomplete or Missing Text
  • Colour Variation
  • Web Crease / Wrinkles









System Introduction

This system is designed for 100% inspection of printed labels in Roll form.


System Specifications

Detection Resolution

Full View Width : 350mm
Monitoring Distance : 650mm (approx.)
CD Resolution : 0.08mm/pixel
MD Resolution : 0.08mm/pixel

Material Dimensions

Max Width : 350mm
Max Roll Diameter : 350mm
Paper Core Size : 76mm
Max Weight : 40KG

Material to be Inspected

  • Paper
  • Non-transparent film / metalized film


Full colour, 4096 pixels (7μm), up to 45000 lines per second




1 x high power density, high uniformity line scan light, powered by high power Digital Power Supply

Inspection Functions

Print / defect inspection in full colour
Detection of missing labels in any lane
Reading barcodes, verification against fixed / running / csv sequences, print defects
Reading 2D-codes, verification against fixed / running / csv sequences
Reading Linear and/or Circular OCR, verification against fixed / running / csv sequences
All defects logged to database, and generation of PDF inspection report

Fully Integrated Servo Winder-Rewinder System


Inspection Speed

Up to 90 meter/min

Operating Environmental Conditions

Ambient Temperature

: 0-50°C

Ambient Humidity : 10-90% RH, no condensation
No Corrosive or Combustible Gases
Dust Condition : None
Static Electricity : None
Vibration : None


AC200~240v ± 10%, 50~60Hz Single phase

Processing Unit

Dell P2418HT 24” Full HD IPS PRO TOUCH LED Monitor
HP EliteDesk 800G1 SSF 4th Gen Core i7, Win 10 Pro

Expendable Supplies

LED Light Source unit

: 50,000 hours

Encoder Wheel

: ~2 years



Warranty will be effective for a period of 1 year after delivery to the customer, for issues within the scope of the manufacturer’s responsibility.